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Celebrities with Diabetes

Celebrities with diabetes have been acknowledging their problem in order to help others know that anyone can get diabetes.  They also let us know that people with diabetes can still have an active life and achieve their goals.

Celebrities with Diabetes:

Do you know who’s who in Celebrities with Diabetes? Find out if your favorite celebrity is on the list!

Paula Deen announced in 2012 that she has Type 2 Diabetes, has changed the way she cooks and eats and as a result has lost weight.  She has stated that diabetes is not a death sentence.

Bret Michaels with the band Poison, was diagnosed at the age of six and according to his website can’t go without his medication and has to take “four insulin injections and eight blood tests each day” in order to control his diabetes.   Although he has had some health challenges recently, he was able to win The Celebrity Apprentice where he awarded the American Diabetes Association his $250,000 award.

Nick Jonas, a singer, has Type 1 Diabetes which was once called juvenile diabetes.  This type of diabetes is most common in people younger than 20 years of age. He reports that he has been able to control his diabetes and still be on tour.

Randy Jackon and American Idol judge has had Type 2 Diabetes since 2001.  After having gastric bypass surgery he lost 100 pounds, improved his diet and exercises regularly.  He has talked about how his diagnosis changed his life and how he hopes to help others with the disease. He noted that it is important to take his medication for controlling his diabetes.

Celebrities with Diabetes

Salma Hayek is another one of the celebrities with diabetes who contacted type 2 diabetes during her pregnancy.  Gestational diabetes can happen around the 24th to 28th week.  Most of the time this kind of diabetes goes away after the child is born, but it can raise the risk of a woman developing Type 2 Diabetes or having diabetes with another pregnancy.

Larry King, talk show host has Type 2 Diabetes which can cause heart disease.  Larry had quintuple bypass heart surgery in 1987.  He has stated that his diabetes is controllable and after quitting smoking he is taking better care of himself.

Elliott Yamin found out he had Type 1 Diabetes in his teens.  He wears an insulin pump because he can’t go without medication and noted in a 2007 interview that it is important to “stay positive and not let diabetes hold you back”.

Crystal Bowersox went into diabetic ketoacidosis at one point.  This is a serious condition which can lead to coma or death. She learned that she had diabetes when she was six and has been speaking out about diabetes awareness and is an advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Drew Carey became famous as an overweight comedian but in 2010 he began a program to get healthy and dropped over 80 pounds.  He has since been able to control his diabetes without medication.

Celebrities with Diabetes at the Movies

There have also been a number of movies that have characters with diabetes and include the following:

Celebrities with DiabetesSteel Magnolias (1989) – Julia Roberts, a woman who has diabetes.

ConAir (1997) – Nicholas Cage, a prison parolee along with another convict, Baby O, who has diabetes.

Chocolate (2000) – Judi Dench plays a grandmother with diabetes.

Panic Room (2002) – Kristen Stewart is Sarah who has diabetes.

Click (2006) – Henry Winkler plays the father of Adam Sandler’s character, Ted who has diabetes.

Mad Money (2008) – Katie Holmes’ character has diabetes.

Celebrities with diabetes who are athletes include tennis champion Billie Jean King,  former major league baseball player David “Boomer” Wells and Earl “the Pearl” Monroe, professional basketball player.

We tend to think that celebrities have easy lives full of fun times and that they don’t have the struggles the rest of us have to face.  However, there are many Celebrities with Diabetes who don’t appear to let this condition interfere with their goals and ambitions and have gone on to have successful lives and careers in spite of their diabetes.

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