Humalog Side Effects Weight Gain

Diabetes management through weight control is crucial for a diabetic to consider because weight will affect blood sugar and carbohydrate consumption. This is the objective of diabetes management. Unlike people without the disease, diabetics do not process certain sugars and carbohydrates through their system, which increases the glucose level in their blood. Glycemia is the term used for the presence, or level of glucose in your blood.

People who have diabetes have to measure the amount of glucose in their blood several times a day. Monitors are provided to people with diabetes by their physicians so that they can do this. There are various types of monitors available today that make testing blood glucose levels easy and almost painless.
There are many reasons why some people are likely to get diabetes. While there may be a genetic link to this condition, weight also plays a major role in diabetes. Being obese can increase the chance of getting diabetes and it also makes it very difficult to control the condition.

Steps to Take for Diabetes Management Through Weight Control

managing diabetesPeople who are overweight can, in some cases, eliminate diabetes by losing weight. If, for example, a significant gain in weight caused a person to acquire Type II Diabetes, a proper diet and elimination of the obesity can reverse the condition of the disease.

The good news is that managing ones’ weight is not only important in treating this disease, but in some cases diabetes has been reversed. There have been many cases where diabetics who have been obese and who lost the excess weight have also become diabetes free. This reversal effect, however, only works with those who contacted the disease by being overweight. Those who contact diabetes through a genetic disposition cannot reverse the condition.

Weight control in diabetes can take many aspects including what foods should be eaten and what shouldn’t such as eliminating carbohydrates. Foods that are high on the Glycemic Index should definitely be removed from your diet so you can not only lose weight, but manage your diabetes.

Exercise is also important. It raises our energy level, keeps us active, improves our mental state, is instrumental in treating depression but is essential when managing diabetes. By exercising, diabetics can not only more effectively control glucose in the blood as active muscles can eliminate blood glucose better than idle muscles, but exercise is the perfect way to control weight as part of managing diabetes.

Weight management in diabetes is one of the more important aspects of treating this condition. Other ways in which someone can manage their diabetic condition is to take the proper medication as prescribed by your physician and be certain to monitor your blood glucose with a testing device.

Unfortunately diabetics are often in denial when they are first diagnosed. This can be a problem because following a doctor’s advice is very important and it can also be dangerous. Eating the fright foods, taking medication, monitoring blood sugar levels and watching your weight can be helpful in staving off harmful complications of this disease.

Managing your weight is particularly important since one of the side effects of taking diabetic medication such as Humalog can be weight gain. Since insulin is considered a fat storage hormone, too little means we won’t store fat on the body but with too much, fat can’t be burned. Type 1 diabetics have little to no insulin which can result in weight loss. However, once these diabetics manage their insulin intake, the body should return to a normal weight fairly easily.

People with Type 2 diabetes have higher than normal levels of insulin but their body may not be using it effectively. This can lead to storing excess fat on the body. In order to keep you weight normal, it is important to regulate the amount of insulin the body needs. One way to do this is to make sure you eat foods that don’t raise the blood glucose levels. These would be foods with a low glycemic index.

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