Possible Concerns Regarding Diabetes Medications

You may have been diagnosed with diabetes, you may have changed your eating and you take more regular exercise but have you done enough research to know if you are on the right path to a healthier you?

Taking your diabetes medication might be the right thing to do but it is also important to know if you are managing your condition as well as you can.  Here are some concerns that are often raised by people with diabetes.

What are the symptoms of an overdose of a diabetes medication?

Symptoms of overdose of diabetes medications may include:

  • sZemanta Related Posts Thumbnaileeing things that do not exist (hallucinating)
  • problems concentrating
  • cold body temperature
  • irregular heartbeat
  • rigid muscles
  • drowsiness
  • confusion
  • seizures
  • agitation
  • vomiting
  • coma
  • fever

Make sure your blood sugar doesn’t get too low because this can result in symptoms such as shakiness, being sweaty or even difficulty thinking. If you have any of the symptoms it is a good idea to eat something that contains sugar such as a piece of fruit or fruit juice. Sometimes oral diabetic medications can cause nausea, diarrhea or gas.  Make sure you see your doctor to see if your medication needs to be adjusted.

Does diabetes medication make you gain weight?

Insulin has been found to cause weight gain in some people. Metformin (an oral medication) can interrupt the absorption of certain carbohydrates in the digestive track which can result in weight loss. Prandin, another oral medication for diabetes, makes the body deliver more insulin resulting in weight gain. Talk to your doctor to make sure you are on the right prescription for your condition.

Can you get diabetes from taking too many different medications?

This is something you will need to talk to your doctor about in order to make sure any medications you are already taking won’t increase your blood sugar levels. One medication that can affect your blood sugar is steroids. As well there are some medications for depression and schizophrenia that also have this affect. Again, check with your doctor to make sure.

When is the best time to take diabetes medications?

Since diabetes medications last about ten hours in the body, it is a good idea to take it before breakfast and then again before dinner. However, you will need to talk to your doctor and go by his recommendation based on the prescription you are taking. Taking it before a meal will help to reduce any possible side effects such as nausea or an upset stomach.

What cold medication can I take if I’m diabetic?

You should probably ask your doctor or pharmacist to recommend a cold medication if you are diabetic. Even over the counter drugs can affect your blood pressure if you aren’t careful so be sure to check before you take any.

Can you get rid of diabetes with diet and exercise?

It is possible to get rid of diabetes with the right amount of exercise and managing what you eat.  This only applies to people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  People with Type 1 diabetes will need to take their medication along with adopting a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a normal body weight will also go a long way to improving your blood sugar levels. People who embrace a diet that doesn’t contain wheat and starchy foods and that includes a more plant based diet tend to have better results with this condition.

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