Similarities In Humalog and Novolog

Humalog and Novolog have a lot of similarities and it is a good idea to understand what they are before you and your doctor decide on the right course of action to manage your diabetes. Humalog, made by Eli Lilly and Novolog, made by Novo Nordisk, are rapid acting insulin analogs used for the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It is reported that the Humalog and Novolog are similar. However, some clinical trials have noted that there are some differences between the two products.

Similarities in Humalog and Novolog

Using a double-blind trial with type 1 diabetes patients, twenty-four subjects were given a single dosage of Humalog and Novolog and tailored to their individual dosage requirements.  The trial included taking blood samples before and after the insulin was administered which resulted in no differences in the patient’s blood glucose over a six hour period.  After the study was over the researchers concluded that the two medications were equally effective.

Humalog and Novolog Studies

Another study using fourteen subjects found after a twenty-one day period that there was no difference in the glucose levels over a four hour period however Humalog demonstrated more rapid absorption and elimination.

The conclusion with all the studies shows that these two medications may be interchanged.  However, it is important to keep in mind that insulin medication can vary between individuals due to a variety of factors.  It is also very important that patients monitor their blood glucose closely after making changes to their medications. Even though there are some similarities in Humalog and Novlog one should be careful on how they precede and make sure you do it under a doctor’s care.

Can Humalog and Novolog be Directly Substituted for Each Other?

Some doctors do substitute these medications for one another as their pharmacokinetic parameters are very similar. There has been a number of small clinical trials comparing them which showed few meaningful differences between the two products.

One study using a double-blind, cross-over trail of patients with Type 1 diabetes, to determine the differences between insulin aspart (Novolog) and insulin lispro (Humalog), where subjects were given an individual dose showed no statistical difference in blood glucose. The author’s of the study concluded that these two medications were equally effective.

Another study concluded that insulin aspart (Novolog) demonstrated more rapid absorption. However the differences were quiet small and the researchers thought the results were insignificant.

It was noted that clinical responses to all insulin products can vary greatly between individual. This can be due to many different factors.  It is important to also note that should a patient decide to switch medications it is important to consult their doctor and as well to monitor their blood glucose very closely after any change.


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